IMG_20150725_160920I had a plan: college, internships, dream job and a beautiful life.

Three of those things went according to plan. I never dreamt of trying to start a business after college, but after many lengthy talks and interviews, I decided to jump in. I spent two years learning the ups and downs of startup life when reality set in: maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t the path for me.

So I’m searching for my new home while I’m freelancing with my clients acquired through my startup. A lot of my experience in public relations is with social media marketing and digital strategies. I’ve always had a flare for creativity but I still love to dig into data and analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign.

I’m a strong believer in ethos, or as Daniel Goleman puts it, “Emotional Intelligence.” I believe that visual and creative content is great for a brand, but nothing affects you more than when it speaks to your heart.

I’m an avid member of the Public Relations Society of America, currently serving as the Social Media Chair for the PRSA New Professionals Section for the second year, previously served as the National VP of Public Relations for the Public Relations Student Society of America and Chief of Staff for the Student Government Association at University of Houston, where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in public relations in 2013.

Along my journey, I rediscovered my love for acting and fitness. I perform scenes in front of a camera every week and participate in yoga pose challenges online.

Check out my poses and say hi on Twitter or Instagram: @laurenroselox